I have known you for a long time,
and it is funny how out of friendship can come romantic ideas after so much time,
so much time knowing someone,
but there is a right time and a wrong time for love,
and these days,
these days sadly you have got a heart of stone,
and how do I know,
because, in no uncertain terms you told me so,
and you said for love you no longer had a home,
for love it did you wrong,
and you these days are happier on your own,
on your own alone,
with your barricades up so no one can enter and change your mind,
and torment you,
because that is what love meant to you,
torment and torture,
and love,
love no good did it do to you,
and love no good did it do for you,
no good at all,
and how you suffered,
how you truly suffered the slings and the arrows of its misfortune,
and out of love you did quickly fall,
out of love with love,
and in my opinion, before you ever had experienced real love at all,
and these days you have got a heart of stone,
and in the world you roam,
as pleasant as can be,
but when anyone mentions love,
immediately you let it be known,
love no,
love, it is no longer for me,
no, not I,
for all love did for me was make me sigh and cry,
endless tears,
and now, no it is not for I,
not for I,
so, please do not mention love to me again,
because I forgot love in the blink of an eye,
and I have no wish for love,
for I,
am I,
I am me,
alone and as happy as can be,
and love it only brought me misery,
it is not for me,
not for me she said,
and probably luckily for me,
she did not see my love for her growing in me,
and I,
when I looked at her,
when I looked at her sitting there,
looking so beautiful to me,
her with her wit and her intellect and her humour,
oh, how it pained me,
but I should not have expected anything less,
but oh, how my heart it wants love so badly,
and oh, how it plays such cruel tricks on me,
and I understand your heart of stone,
and how you wish to be alone,
but being alone is not for me,
and love,
love is a fine glorious beautiful thing to me,
and how I wish I was in love with you,
but I accept that we will only be, only be friends,
and that there will be nothing more,
because love,
love you abhor,
but not me,
and what will be will be,
and one day I hope that your heart of stone will crack and crumble,
and you will find love,
love me?
Oh, what a wish,
what a hope,
what a dream,
what a dream it is to me,
but with your heart of stone,
sadly, it seems that you are truly determined to stand alone,
alone like a solitary rock that is continually fighting off a raging sea,
and me,
oh, my heart it still flutters whenever we meet,
and how hard it is to put love out of my mind,
but when I look at you,
and I see you there in your beauty smiling at me,
I know there is no love in you for me,
and sadly, I have to let it be,
I have to let it be,
and it is easier said than done,
and my heart oh, how cruel it is to me,
and how it encourages me,
but fate is fate,
and so far, we are not to be,
and I will keep hoping that one day,
one day you will no longer wish to be a solitary rock,
an island of one,
an island of one,
fighting off the raging sea.

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