Winter leaves,
icy freeze,
sunlight through the trees,
your breath in the air,
and as it hangs there,
how great the sun it feels,
how great it feels upon the face,
and the mind,
how it relaxes in the tranquility of nature,
when wrapped up in a coat and a hat,
and gloves,
and safe from the chill,
which debilitates the mind,
and renders you unable to think,
in temperatures that are well below,
what they usually are,
and freezing,
and the sun as it rises and it sinks,
how great it is to walk across the fields,
and when nature is at its finest,
and amongst the snows is revealed,
what a thought it is the process,
and what glories there are in the process,
that grow the plants and the trees,
in their infinite varieties,
and how majestically the birds they sing,
whilst trying to keep warm,
and time it is frozen,
when there is so much to explore with the vision and the mind,
and your footprints in the snow,
when they are left behind,
your mark upon the planet is momentary,
but satisfying when you look behind,
when you look behind to see how far you have come,
and your heart it beats from the excitement of all that you see,
and your memories how gladly you welcome them,
and how quickly they fill your mind with happy memories,
and the white of the fields,
how fresh and clean they are,
God’s blankets of purity,
and as we walk and we talk,
there is no rival to what we see,
no rival at all,
and all is a wonderment before my eyes,
and life is wonderful when filled with wintry surprise,
and with a smile upon your face,
as you survey all that you see,
oh, how majestically the spirits do rise,
as my heart it beats,
and I hold natures glories within me.

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