Will you make it in time,
you say,
and your voice it echoes down the telephone line,
and a little apprehensive you sound,
as you clutch your glass of wine,
and I reply,
do not worry it will be fine,
and though a couple of weeks away is not much,
you are expecting me today,
and we have not been together long,
and I understand why you feel apprehensive,
but do not worry,
I am on my way,
oh, how abscence makes the heart grow fonder,
but from you, my mind it does not wander,
and I am counting the miles as I cross the country,
looking forward to seeing your happy smiling face,
and seeing you is only hours away,
and when I am in your arms again,
and your kisses upon my lips they lay,
how wonderful it will be,
and how wonderful to look into your eyes,
and the miles that I have travelled,
how quickly from my mind they will be erased,
yes, I will make it in time,
I am on time I say,
and the next train I am getting on to now,
and I am on the last leg of the journey,
and I will soon,
soon be on my way,
and soon we will be in each others arms again,
and these last few weeks have made my heart grow fonder for you,
and I have truly missed you every day,
so, do not worry my love,
I will be with you faster than you know,
and together, what a wonderful evening we will have together,
and a beautiful dinner with drinks at a restaurant,
yes, my love,
do not worry we will soon be together again,
and how great the evening will be,
when we lay in each others arms again,
after a romantic dinner and lots of wine,
yes, I will be there soon with you my love,
and in barely any time.

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