He lost consciousness on a Tuesday night,
he woke up surrounded by roses and candles burning bright,
and he wondered where he had been,
and his head was sore as he awoke from his dreams,
and there she was,
smiling and looking at him and asking if he was alright,
yes, he replied,
I don’t remember much
but I’m alright,
I’m alright,
and I’m alive,
I’m alive,
and he smiled back,
whilst wondering what had happened to the night,
“What happened to the night?” he asked,
and she, she laughed,
and said you drank it away,
you drank it away with your buddies from down the way,
and early this morning,
I found you stumbling in,
stumbling in with a half empty bottle of Gin,
but, everything’s alright,
everything’s alright,
despite your foggy headed ruffle headed discombobulated sight,
and in the kitchen,
I’ve made you, salmon and eggs and coffee and cream,
and lots of other delights,
so, get up lazy head,
and let me help you clear that fog from your head,
and let me clear those alcoholic dreams from your mind,
because yesterday has been and gone,
and time is moving on,
and I’ll mend your mind,
with breakfast,
and with my kisses upon your lips and upon your head,
so, get up sleepy head,
get up, and don’t be afraid of the light,
no, don’t be afraid of the light and embrace the day,
for it is a sunny day,
and how beautiful it is,
the sunlight upon your weary head,
and my mood is bright, bright, bright,
and today,
today, we can delight in each others company,
for how much I have missed you when you were overseas,
and in your company I wish to delight,
and my love,
we have all day,
all day to clear the night away,
and we should make the most of this,
and enjoy it all,
and enjoy each and every bit,
and in every way,
so, get up out of bed,
and I’ll put the toast on and make the coffee she said,
as she gently kissed his lips and his head,
and though he felt as rough as hell,
he felt swell,
with the love that she has in her heart for him,
and how greatful he was to be at home after travelling distant roads,
distant roads so far from home,
and how greatful he was at the glorious sight,
the glorious sight of her,
and at the sensations of her kisses that roused him from his slumber and that made his heart leap,
as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes,
and as he clambered out of bed,
she lead him with a smile into the kitchen and sat him down and said of the food there’s plenty,
as she cuddled him so gently,
and kissed him aplenty,
aplenty in the glorious sunshine,
as he tried to shake off the alcoholic night,
and as all his senses danced to great delight,
I love you she said,
and I love you too he replied,
as she smiled,
and her eyes, her eyes they shone and sparkled so bright in the glorious sunlight,
and he knew, that the day was young and that everything was going to be alright,
despite the foggy head,
and the alcoholic daze in his eyes,
he was truly happy looking at her,
hello to you,
and hello to the morning he said,
hello my love,
as she rubbed the sleep dust from his weary but happy eyes
and kissed him so tenderly,
so tenderly upon his lips and upon his weary head.

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