He entered through a window,
he entered through a door,
he went around and around,
and he did not know where he was going anymore,
and he,
well, he was not sure,
because, he with his drug habit and his rampaging ways did not care anymore,
and he thought burglary,
should be as quick as could be,
and he devastated someone’s life so rapidly,
and with practice so much faster than before,
because a fix was needed quick and how sick,
how sick it is that people’s lives are devastated so quickly and in such horrific ways,
for when in your home people invade,
and enter without asking and steal everything,
and then through mostly doing drugs suffer Ill health,
and they are no better off and are still poor,
what is the point especially as the people whose houses are invaded,
they face such upset,
and distress and loss,
and them and their families suffer with their memories,
and their traumas forevermore.

Rhanks to https://unsplash.com/@slrncl for the use of the picture.

I hope you enjoyed this poem, there is more poetry and articles and writing to be found on writing and poetry. Thank you for reading, feedback is most welcome, thank you!

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