This lonely heart,
this lonely heart of yours,
what a thing it is,
because you bring it far too often to my door,
and because your boyfriend it seems ignores you more than before,
and you throw yourself at me,
when you have had a few glasses of wine too many,
and you cuddle up to me and try to kiss me,
and you have a boyfriend,
and though I try to resist,
and I feel gulity but helpless,
when you place your kisses upon my lips and upon my neck,
and I want more,
and it always ends up being more,
and we are sinners in the eyes of God for sure,
but you are beautiful and we get on well,
and I have encouraged you to leave him,
and be with me,
and we enjoy each others company,
and we get on well,
but we will end up in hell I am sure,
but from what you have said,
you are already living in hell,
and well,
why don’t we live in hell without him,
because he is happy with his friends,
and you say he only bores you these days with his talk of cars,
and he has not much else to say,
and he makes you want to walk away,
now, why don’t you, I say on the telephone,
the next time you come around,
why don’t you stay with me for good and forget him forevermore?

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