This is something of nothing,
a little gift,
a piece of magic from my heart,
with which I have created for you my love,
that from my mind does now exist,
and I know it is not much,
but wherever you go,
please take it with you,
and put it upon your mantelpiece,
and I do hope it brings you happinness,
and I hope you will think of me across distant shores,
when you look at it,
and long may it make you smile,
and warm of heart when we are so far apart,
yes, a little present my dear,
a little kiss,
now, please do open it,
and don’t tell me what you think,
just show me upon your face,
and I hope upon it a heavenly smile will shower me with its grace,
and wherever you are across distant shores,
put it in your home and think of me when you are alone,
yes it is a present created from my mind and my heart,
a heartfelt piece of art,
yes, a little present from me,
a little gift,
created for you with some magic and my spirit,
a happy sight in your happy home,
wherever you roam,
for wherever you come to live.

Thanks for reading my poem, I hope you enjoyed it, there are more articles and more writing and poetry on my website. Feedback is most welcome. Thank you.

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