This is an age,
is it not,
an age that mostly should be forget,
an age that should be forgot because of the wars that we wage,
wars upon each other with the modern weapons of the age,
wars upon common sense and logic,
wars of intolerance,
racism and sexism,
and ignorance,
and intolerance and hate,
and wars upon our sanity,
and wars upon our wallets,
that leave many in poverty,
and without food on their plates.
This is an age,
is it not,
an age that mostly should be forget,
and because of all these wars should we not be ashamed?
Should we not see that to advance humanity and society,
we need to stop being so greedy and cruel and disrespectful and intolerant,
because isn’t it rather insane?
To continually act this way,
and to have so little compassion and to be so money fixated,
causing so many people to suffer because of the financial inequality amongst the human race?
Do people not really care about people anymore?
Because it seems that way because of the people dying homeless on the streets constantly and only lip service to the problem being paid.
Yes, do people really not care anymore about the continual famines that far too regularly kill people in their millions again and again?
Do people not really care about guns, and knives on our streets,
the kidnaps,
and the rapes,
the tortures and the murders in worldwide society,
well, it seems that way,
because the world is in a terrible state,
and it is a terrible shame,
but who is to blame,
who is to blame?
everyone who fails to use common sense and logic to tackle the problems of the world,
because to solve problems, common sense and logic, that is all it takes.

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