The first time,
I saw you,
I lost my mind,
for you were like an angel,
like an angel with your golden locks,
blowing in the wind in the summertime,
and as you said hello,
my heart it leaped what seemed a million miles,
and what style you had I thought,
that would most likely keep me happy in my dreams,
and how I wanted you,
from that first moment,
yes, you,
the divine,
the beautiful you,
the glorious you,
standing there before me so beautifully and so elegantly,
yes, it was like a dream come true,
and from that first moment I knew,
that I felt something for you,
and how powerful it was,
that feeling inside,
as you looked deep into my eyes,
and how happy you made me,
and how easily you made me want things that were far ahead of their time,
but I wanted you in my life immediately,
the moment I first laid my eyes on you,
and when you said hello,
and smiled at me so wonderfully,
and I replied hello too,
I felt so alive,
and what would it lead to?
What would it lead to I did not know.
But what a feeling it was,
and what hopes I had,
the first steps towards love,
yes, that is what it was,
and what a memory it is,
the first moment that I fell in love with you,
that summers day,
the first time I laid my eyes upon you,
beautiful you,
wonderful you,
oh, what a day,
what a wonderful first meeting with you.

This poetry was written in Dorset, and is part of my Dorset poetry collection of work.

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