tested to the limited,
messed up in the head,
from the want and the need in humanity,
oh, how the crucible of modern society,
makes so many people suffer such anxiety,
and sweat profusely in their beds,
because of a destructive world created mostly by advertisers and the press,
and peer pressure that shatters peoples minds,
and fills them so often with false realities,
and leads them so easily into temptation,
and great destructiveness,
oh, how terrible it is,
but how many people live with it,
people who get so easily sucked in by it all,
people who can only pray and hope and wish for so many things that are beyond their reach,
and that are far more expensive than they can afford,
and with the thoughts of what they want leaving them depressed,
when the things they want they cannot get,
what a society,
what a mess,
what a mess.

Thank you for reading my poem in the mirror, I hope you enjoyed it. More poetry and articles by me, Ben Robinson can be found on this website.

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