Unfortunate meetings,
brought about by chance and fate,
an ungodly character,
so far away from a saint,
but there you are inftont of me and it is sadly too late,
too late to get away,
and it always goes the same way,
and talking to you is a terrible tragedy,
yes, terrible,
and so are your words,
and terrible are your machiavellian schemes to bring tears to people’s eyes,
and your verbal savagery,
it is a shame upon the human race,
and a total disgrace,
a disgrace that should never have had its place,
and damn that look on your face,
that evil look
that evil look filled with bitterness,
and hate and jealousy,
and anger and rage,
and vitriolic fury,
with which so many people you slay,
and leave them crying and wanting to crawl into early graves,
yes, damn you,
damn you and your linguistic barbarity that distresses anyone normal,
but you have no feelings,
and you do not care at all,
because you have the devil in you,
so, I would rather stare at a blank wall than listen to you,
because you have as much good in you as the devil and as much cruelty in you as torquemada,
oh, yes damn you,
damn you,
and I try to look at you at evilly as you look at me,
but I am no good at it and I quickly quit,
and I think,
yes please, do not talk to me,
and please go back to hell
go back to hell would you!

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