Stole my heart

After a dismal day,
and a dismal time,
I stole my heart away,
for dark was life and my mind was neither here nor there but far away,
yes, I stole my heart and my mind and my body away,
to a tropical place on a summers day,
to somewhere tropical,
to somewhere far away,
and how quickly I forgot the grey,
by jumping on a plane and flying to a far off place in the bluest of ocean,
ocean so clear and so far away,
because I needed the sun in my heart,
and the sun in my brain,
and because I like to be filled with thoughts of jollity and filled with frivolity,
and I Iike to dance the night away,
under the stars,
and under the moon so bright,
on the blackest of nights,
and in the day,
I like to wander by the oceanside and be as free as can be,
in the glorious sun that encourages such goodness in my mentality,
yes, I like to be happy,
and I no longer let there be,
I no longer let there be sadness in me,
but I let there only be light,
because life is far too often far too dismal,
and why,
why should it be,
and yes, it was easy for me,
a simple choice,
and I chose to live simply in the sunshine,
in the eternal sunshine,
because it is the only way that I can be happy,
truly happy,
and life in the grey and the mundanity it was as morose as can be,
and after much misery,
and after jumping on a plane,
to live in the sunshine everyday,
there is no longer woe in me,
but contentment and happinness,
and jollity,
and I know it is a state of mind,
and to live in the sunshine it is naturual to me,
and darkness to the soul,
is as unnatural as can be,
and how powerful nature is,
to make you feel so despondent because of a colour,
a colour that colours my mood so negatively,
and that so depresses me,
and tis much better to live in the sun for me,
and to live life simply,
and never do I regret that I stole my heart and my mind and my body away,
to somewhere far away,
to a tropical place on a summers day,
and how glad I am for in my heart and in my mind,
now there are no longer any darkened days,
and only happiness, frivolity and jollity,
and life it is as good as it can be,
and oh, what a difference distance and time makes,
on an island in the bluest of ocean,
where dullness and unhappinness is a fading memory,
a place where life,
life is as good as can be.

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Hello, I am Ben Robinson, a poet, my first book of poetry Alas the day was written in Dorset, in the United Kingdom.

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