Oh, solitary cloud,
where are you going,
for you are in such a rush,
I can but ask,
and I still will be unknowing,
oh, solitary cloud,
do you not wish for company,
for you always seem to wish to be alone,
and here often in nature I sit,
and from your roaming you will not quit,
and where you are going I will never know,
and far too often you are grey and full of rain,
and seemingly filled with great anger and great pain,
and your lightening and your thunder it far too often rattles my brain,
oh, solitary cloud,
I wish you were not so solitary,
because you would I am sure be happier in company,
but company you will not allow,
and it is a shame to see you race away,
into the distance with nothing at all to say,
and it is but a wish of mine,
but you seem far too often to rue the day with your grey,
and far too often you leave me with a furrowed brow,
and how I wish you would see that company is a wonderful thing,
but then where would I be without the rain,
the glorious rain that you do bring,
that nourishes the Earth with worth,
and that encourages the flowers to grow,
and the birds to sing,
oh, solitary cloud,
what a wonderful thing you are,
and how far,
how far you travel and what things you must have seen,
what things you must have seen,
and though I try to talk to you,
you talking back to me is only a dream,
and so often when I see you,
I sit in melancholy,
but I admire you and your speed,
and your colour and your mood it often leaves me confused,
and you,
you leave alone and you cross the sky that you conquer,
the sky that you seemingly own,
and I,
I have no clue as to why,
but you do sometimes sit for a bit above me,
and hover so beautifully before my eyes,
and I am greatful for that moment,
but how quickly you are gone,
and wish your time with me was far longer,
because for you to be alone,
it seems so wrong,
oh, solitary cloud,
how quickly you vanish from my eyes,
for you are pushed for time,
and I ramble on,
wondering you and pondering you,
as you continue to explore the wonderous skies,
and I am no wiser to you,
but if that is what pleases you,
then I am too,
I am thankful for you no matter your mood.

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