She wants to go away,
she will not stay,
says the exasperated woman,
whose Daughter,
across the sea wants to run away,
yes, she wants to go away,
but I fear she will not come back,
she says as she begins to cry,
and she wipes away a tear,
yes, she wants to go away she says again,
and I wish I could stop her,
because she is not as worldly as she should be,
and she still has a lot to learn,
unlike me,
and yes, I fear,
I fear for her safety,
because well, I am her Mother you see,
and I care,
and I worry,
but still, she wants to go away,
and I am near the grave,
and death it will take me sooner rather than later one day,
and she cries into a hankerchief,
an early form of grief,
and I sympathise,
and I empathise,
and her mood is as grey as the day,
but what can I say,
I have no daughter of my own,
and I know her daughter she puts upon a throne,
but from the sounds of it,
she has already made up her own mind,
and she will go across the sea anyway,
a day of tears and regret,
but I say to her,
you have brought up your daughter well,
and that you should not forget,
and she smiles and says,
yes, that is true,
and I can travel to her too,
oh, what am I crying about she adds,
because it only upsets me,
and there is no reason really to acream.and shout,
because she has her own mind,
and she is kind,
and she has always cared for me and done the best for me she says,
and she smiles upon that thought,
as the sun, finally it bursts through,
and shines into her tear filled eyes.

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