She put the key into the lock,
and she went inside,
and shortly after I arrived,
with a bunch of flowers,
and some romantic lines,
some of which I had forgot,
and then, I knocked,
and she answered the door and recognised me,
and she stood there in jeans and a t-shirt but looking as beautiful as can be,
and she, with her blonde hair and her blue eyes,
how she mesmerised me,
and she said hello in a soft voice and smiled delightfully,
and the words I wanted to say,
they fled from me,
and I cursed my memory,
and I stood there smiling as nervous as could be,
and I said,
I have brought these flowers for you,
because they are as beautiful as you,
and I was wondering if you would do me the honour,
of coming out with me,
to a dinner by the sea,
in the evening at a new restaurant,
and then, there was a silence,
and the butterflies inside my stomach,
they hovered and fluttered their wings frantically inside of me,
and then as I tried to calm my nerves,
she took the flowers,
and planted a kiss upon my lips,
and my heart it leapt as she said yes,
and hugged me,
and then, she replied with excitement in her eyes,
yes, I would love to,
and how relieved was I?
As relieved as can be,
because what a terrible feeling it is to be rejected,
but that day it was not to be,
and oh, how she smiled at me,
how she smiled at me,
and her smile it was as if the sun was shining down upon me,
and how greatful I was,
and honoured that In the evening I would have her company,
oh, the fragile moments,
those cautious moments,
hovering on the edge of rejection,
oh, what fear there is,
but on that day for it there was no need,
and how happy and relieved I was that she agreed,
and the butterflies in my stomach they began to cease,
and she told me a joke and quickly put me at ease,
and I laughed and said I am glad that you agreed,
because I have already booked the restaurant for 7.30pm,
and she laughed and smiled,
and called me silly,
and she said,
I have liked you quite a while but I,
I was too shy to ask you out,
but you have really made me happy,
you have really made me happy,
oh, those words and that smile,
and oh, what a memory,
what a beautiful memory of that time upon that valentines day,
and of that glorious dinner at the restaurant by the sea,
precious moments,
precious moments indeed,
precious moments,
that lead to love between her and me.

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