Same time,
same place,
a different love,
a different heartbreak,
the cost of life,
and at the same time,
time out of mind,
the same routine,
feeding the capitalist machine,
sat with you in a restaurant,
eating the most expensive ice cream,
whilst watching the world go by,
whilst watching people with mostly sad faces,
people who are mostly pushed for time,
with nothing but money on their minds,
and whilst watch people outside beg for money,
as to them, people are horribly unkind,
and the waiters they rush here and there,
as we drink beer,
and they bemoan their wages,
and inside the kitchen,
the Chef shouts and rages, at messed up orders,
and the waiters from him they flee in fear,
and pray for the end of the year,
and we laugh and smile and joke,
and then, leave the restaurant mostly broke,
but happy and in good spirits,
until we have to return to work,
and then face the boredom of another week,
another week to earn our keep,
as we bemoan the amount of time that we have,
and at night we lose sleep,
and whilst trying to count sheep,
capitalist nightmares keep us awake,
and we try to put all those adverts that we have seen away,
for of them we do not wish to dream,
but capitalism with its machivellian schemes,
it is a horror that we wish we had never encountered,
and that we wish that we had never been told it is the way that it should be,
because it helps society,
but all it does is stresses me,
and helps me lose sleep,
same time,
same place,
same dreadful rat race,
yes, a terrible disgrace,
that makes the heart race,
and that makes you palpitate,
and that leaves you in a terrible state,
and that leaves you worrying constantly as you lay in your bed as you try to sleep,
and you try to erase it from your head,
and the night, it is a restless night in the week,
with far too little sleep,
and the weekend,
it never comes soon enough,
but we continue,
and fight a battle that should never be,
the constant battle for money,
that if we think logically,
we never need,
and we will probably worry ourselves into early graves,
and little time will be saved,
despite all the technological marvels that are designed to save time,
how little time they save really,
but this is the way it is,
unless there is a miracle,
but as I go to sleep,
I will pray for the possibility,
I will pray for the possibility.

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