Stood here talking with a friend,
deconstructing the art of conversation in a social situation,
yes, deep in conversation we are us two,
and as you speak your words have great meaning to me,
and I nod my head because I agree,
yes, it is a salient point,
we do not come here to be talked down too,
or to cowardly anoint,
anoint others views who we do not agree with it is true,
yes, we do not back down to appease,
and we do not come here to spread fear no matter how many beers we have had it is true,
and we do not come here to tell people what to think,
or to disable others voices,
or to disparage others points of view,
and that is what is good about you and me,
but it is not easy to do,
when you have to fight off the drunks,
and the punks,
and the bellicose and the belligerent,
and those whose hearts are filled with anger and malcontent,
and whose minds are filled with obnoxious views,
but you listen,
and if you do have to face them my friend,
we listen politely until the end,
and then disappear quickly out of view.
so, here’s to a decent conversation,
with proper sentences and no abbreviation,
and here’s to not staring at phones incessantly,
and here’s to us and good beer too.

Thank you for reading my poem in the mirror, I hope you enjoyed it. More poetry and articles by me, Ben Robinson can be found on this website.

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