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We were human once, is the title of my second book of poetry. Thanks to Mahdi Bafande for the picture, which is taken from unsplash. It contains poems on all topics.


We were human once, is the title of my second book of poetry. It contains poems on all topics.

Thanks to Mahdi Bafande for the picture, which is taken from unsplash. https://unsplash.com/@mahdibafande

The full index appears below the poem We were human once, which is below:

We were human once

We were human once said the man,
as he looked at the graves of the war dead and wiped away a tear,
we were human once, but we lost our way and death is never far away,
but we were human once, a long, long time away from here,
we were human once he cried,
as the thunder roared and crashed and the lightening flashed in the sky,
we were human once he said but I will not be here long,
but remember this if we are the last humans on the Earth the world has gone wrong,
and heaven will take us,
for we were human once and God will make us again,
and I look at the man, but I do not agree,
because to me personally,
I have my doubts, because God for far too long has been nowhere to be seen.

Across the fields, 12
Agile, 53
Angle and poise, 36
Annotated and dislocated, 40
Be true to you, 13
Becalmed, 54
Begin at the beginning, 34
Beyond the river, 50
Bird, 5
Birds, 55
Bitter, 24
Blood money, 16
Bore, 20
Broken inside, 51
Broken minds, 35
Broken society, 41
Burning through the night, 55
Castle, 7
Clings to the window, 22
Complex, 23
Conscious, 16
Cool breeze, 8
Corruption in the world, 18
Creation, 34
Damage, 19
Deep in the oceans, 55
Despatched, 28
Dichotomy, 34
Do not turn, 37
Drugs, 22
Elements, 23
Ethereal ways, 57
Far off place, 35
Fine, 10
Florence Nightingale, 14
Fruits in a bowl, 8
Hard is the floor, 39
Heart in your hand, 18
Heavens, 21
Helpless help less, 40
Hold the page, 56
Horses, 17
Humans shoot bullets, 56
I resigned at the sun, 51
I saw you at the start, 6
I wake up with the sparrows, 43
In defence of the country, 43
In perpetuity, 57
In the American diner, 41
In the colour of the glass, 43
In the crowds, 44
In the park, 29
In the winter garden at night, 42
In the woods, 26
In this world, 33
Incendiary, 30
It amazes me, 36
It took time, 37
Laid your body down, 19
Letting off steam, 28
Life, 13
Life and death, 8
Life you lead, 26
Lightly as air, 9
Like a bullet, 38
Lone, 25
Look at the eyes, 46
Look I know her, but I do not, 42
Machine gun, 44
Made of fury, 44
Marilyn Monroe, 21
Mild and malcontent, 50
Misty morning, 32
Money, 28
Never lose faith, 45
No home, 7
Oblique, 11
Of a strong crowd, 37
Of such a radiant flower, 41
Of such a vacant fog, 45
Of the circle, 46
On the beach, 6
Once was the time, 46
Over the rooftops, 47
Over time, 32
Paranoid state, 10
Party, 15
Picture, 5
Racism and hate, 33
Raindrops in puddles, 47
Replace, 52
Reticence and recalcitrance, 6
Robbery, 14
Rugged and ragged, 5
Sacrifice, 21
Sanity, 23
Sat on the bench, 49
Scream, 38
Sensibilities, 35
She breaks a window, 34
She cries such tears, 47
She figured it out, 17
She lights the way, 47
She sings, 20
She walks the world, 33
So be it, 39
Softened, 26
Spark, 16
Such a time, 54
Suffragettes, 15
Sunshine, 48
Talk is cheap, 40
That life, 12
The climate of our times, 27
The clouds, 11
The darkness of the soul, 31
The disappeared, 29
The garden, 18
The health of the world, 9
The line, 37
The pictures in the gallery, 52
The rain, 49
Through our radio stations and on our televisions, 24
Through pain, 49
Throw away everything, 51
Tides, 35
To what has the world come?, 17
Transcended, 32
UC, 20
Unhappy, 15
Vocation, 13
Wage a war, 10
Walks, 20
Wary of the light, 50
We charge up, 31
We come to this like a rock to the face, 52
We crash through, 31
We don’t need, 26
We fight the night, 30
We have it all, we have not enough, 27
We kick up a storm, 32
We say, 19
We were human once, 25
What was fallen, 8
Where are their morals today, 53
Wherefore, 26
Which one, 19
Work, 25
Your voice, 11


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