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Cold day in October is my third book of poetry. It contains poems on all topics. Thanks to Bank Phrom for the use of his picture, his work appears on Unsplash.

(c) Ben Robinson 2020


Cold day in October is my third book of poetry. It contains poems on all topics. Please see the index below for a list of poem titles in the book. Thanks to Bank Phrom for the use of the picture, his work appears on Unsplash.

All the money in the world, 25
Assimilated, 21
Behold that star, 35
Belong, 28
Bemused, 19
Beware, 14
Capitalized, 17
Check please, 25
Cloak of your embrace, 5
Cold day in October, 15
Come here and see, 43
Counteract, 9
Creatures of habit, 26
Disingenuous, 27
Disparate, dramatic, bombastic, fantastic, 14
Disrobed of ignorance, 29
Dissipates, 24
Doctors and nurses, 47
Echoes and sounds, 15
Ego, 24
Far better, 27
Far worse, 6
Find what you need, 34
Fire, 25
For lack of love, 11
Freedom of choice, 46
Halcyon days, 12
Happinness, 29
He is corrupt you know, 7
Hello old friend, 23
Hold your fist in anger to the sky, 42
Home, 8
I crossed the ocean, 27
I draw the line at midnight, 43
I stay with her, 6
I wait for the silence, 7
I wanted it all, 32
In its simplicity, 10
In our life, 13
In the arrogance of the times, 49
In the bonfire of your soul, 50
In the garden, 40
In the ground below, 45
In the solemnity of our times, 34
In the wilderness, 33
In your eyes, 45
In your industriousness, 39
Inhumanity to spare, 20
Logic and common sense, 10
Love in the twenty first century, 11
Maintain your course, 47
Marches on, 26
Mountains, 33
Of little words, 6
Of such an air, 20
Of such talents, 34
Of what a time, 41
Of what do you aspire?, 22
On aching feet, 30
Over the edge, 36
Psychology, 31
Push through, 12
Realm of your reality, 10
Ripped, 21
Sartorial, 32
Sending a message, 5
Separated, 17
She felt her way, 42
She finds whatever she finds, 44
She put you upon a pedestal, 13
So many shapes, 38
Soldier of thought, 41
Something is a miss, 23
Streams of consciousness, 39
Streams of feet, 41
Such stillness in the night, 49
Swift on one’s feet, 20
The boundaries of the human mind, 37
The dog barks loudly in the night, 37
The gathering storm, 9
The limitations of oneself, 48
The pool, 14
The wind, 37
Through the years, 8
Time, 36
To no avail, 12
Try to be kind, 45
Upon the ground, 44
Valiant hearts and minds, 40
Violins, 30
Void, 26
We all go to school, 48
We are alive, 48
We bear the scars, 17
We counted, 40
We go around, 13
We talked, 5
We the billions who are lost, 38
We woke the world, 43
Weather, 29
What happenstance, 16
What is that feeling, 31
What is this distraction?, 16
Where is the winter, 32
You are free to go, 30
You philosophize, 9
You took what you could, 46
Your perspective, 47


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