Powerful feelings,
seldom heard,
because you are usually as quiet as a mouse,
but tonight you bring down the house,
and your tears they flow like a river and you scream and you shout,
and you do not mess about,
and I have never seen you so fired up about anything,
and it is the first time that I have seen you heartbroken,
and tragic and forlorn and broken,
by your boyfriend, that cruel man that everyone warned you about,
and the words you say would anger him more if he knew what you had said,
but you come to me,
and I hold you,
and you look at me and you have my sympathy,
and you try to kiss me,
and it is not what I have come for despite your beauty,
oh, no, please do not tempt me,
because it would not be right,
and it will not soften your tears or put anything right,
and I can only listen,
and hold you and try to repair the broken pieces of your love life,
and I can only offer you good advice,
and you tell me he has belittled you and mentally abused you,
and I empathise and I sympathise,
and I will try to make you see sense,
but I realise,
that maybe you never will,
and he will from his brutal ways never repent,
and though you are intelligent,
you are emotionally unwise,
and no matter the tears,
whatever I say,
it will probably not be right,
oh, what a night,
heartbreak and agony and the painful struggle to try to make you see sense,
and to try to help you find the light,
to try to inspire an epiphany,
to help you come to your senses,
to try to help you escape from the vicious cycle that you tell me is your life.

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