Politeness and beauty

Politeness and beauty,
magnificence and majesty,
out for a walk, saying hello to the people that I meet,
as a wave of calm it fills me,
and in me, there is a feeling of inspiration,
inspired by beauty,
and a stillness,
a feeling of wonderment,
a feeling of hope,
a feeling of the wonders of what could be,
a feeling of oneness,
upon a path to who knows where,
but I do not care,
for everywhere I go there is beauty,
everywhere I go there is beauty,
and what I see,
how it inspires me,
how it inspires me,
and lifts me as if to heaven,
as upon the Earth I walk,
I meet many who are as delighted by nature as me,
and in whom I talk,
there is happinness and wonderment,
and how heart warming it is to see,
so many happy faces,
far away from the anger and the frustration that so many people feel in society,
and how grand the scheme of things,
how grand the scheme of things that lay before me in their majesty,
and how varied the magical creations,
the magical creations that have taken so long to evolve,
and oh, what great complexity,
oh, what great complexities,
that thrill me,
and whenever I see something new,
how my imagination is captured by fascination,
and of the wonders of the world,
how wonderfully what I see reflects in my eyes,
and how much beauty there is to see,
and what magic there is around every corner,
and how I wish I was a magician,
a magician who was able to capture and create such glorious delights that inspire me day and night,
and that take me away from life’s stresses,
and life’s miseries,
and life’s tragedies,
and what a walk,
with joy and lots of talk,
and a picnic in the sunlight,
in the sunlight under the trees.

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Hello, I am Ben Robinson, a poet, my first book of poetry Alas the day was written in Dorset, in the United Kingdom.

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