Open book,
your heart is an open book,
and I can read you with every look,
and I can feel what you feel,
because your emotions are real,
and you are genuine in your opinions,
and there is nothing to be mistook,
yes, you are an open book,
and that is a good thing,
because there is no scheming and no hiding of anything,
and all of you is on show,
and I know,
I know where I stand,
because you hide nothing,
you hide nothing from me,
and because of it our life together runs smoothly,
and as planned,
and how glad I am,
how glad I am that you are so open with me,
and because you are,
we get on so well,
and life is joyful and not hell,
and together we are good together,
and I am open with you as you are with me,
and our life together because of it,
yes it is as happy as can be.

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