On the shoulder you carry a star

On the shoulder you carry a star,
for you of the heaven in your mind,
what is the story that it imparts,
is it of a loved one,
of a loved one who broke your heart,
for your eyes are glazed and empty as your glass,
oh, what befell you,
what befell you can I ask for your look is of fragility,
a fragility that you have not taken to task,
now, I would buy you another beer,
for you are of such a tear but I fear,
I fear that you would disappear forever from here,
and I do not want it,
yet you hold it all within yourself,
for you do not like to open up or call for help,
so, what can I do but wrap my arms around your fragile shell,
for the demons in you can only be momentarily erased by the warmth of human ways,
as far as I can tell.

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Hello, I am Ben Robinson, a poet, my first book of poetry Alas the day was written in Dorset, in the United Kingdom.

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