Oh, what a game,
oh, what a game,
and though you can’t win them all,
and though you may have tasted deafeat,
do not let it linger in you for long,
and though the taste it may be bittersweeet,
remember this,
you fought like lions and with great courage and great bravery and skill,
and there is no shame when fate is what it is,
and in time with hard work and effort,
victory will come,
as sure the night falls,
and as sure as the rising of the sun,
and so, with a positive mental attitude,
carry on,
carry on with a smile on your face,
and remember the good times,
and carry on with good grace,
and take some time for a holiday,
and refresh your mind,
and enjoy the good times with your friends and your families,
because the whole world is a stage,
and life is too short to have regrets and to rant and to rage,
and times with your friends and your families,
they are the best of times,
and the most important,
and loss is but a fleeting moment,
and soon you will pay it no mind,
so, take time out,
and do what you enjoy,
and gather your thoughts,
and do not worry how long it takes to calm the mind,
because you have strong hearts and great minds,
and great skills,
and you will reach the mountain top again,
and like lions with great courage and great bravery and skill,
the battle will resume,
and you will be,
wiser than before,
and you will rise,
you will rise again,
with renewed mental and physical strength,
and stronger hearts for sure,
and you will be reborn stronger than before,
and you will once again rise to the greatest challenges once more,
and you will pay the word deafeat less mind than before,
and when the moment comes again,
to stand upon the football pitch to play for the greatest prize,
and keep a positive mental attitude no matter what the critics say,
and run like your life depends on it,
upon that glorious green field of England,
upon that glorious green field of Wembley,
and on other glorious football pitches worldwide,
because you will again tackle the opposition with great skill and vigour and great pride,
the greatest sporting challenges,
and when you do, enjoy each moment,
and like lions have no fear,
have no fear,
and as the crowd they roar and cheer,
be proud,
and let the sounds fill your heart and your ears,
and let your heart swell with pride,
and remember the time well,
because defeat matters not in that moment,
and all that matters is that you play well,
and that you give the opposition hell,
and no matter what,
with hard work and great effort and great perseverence,
victory will come,
victory will come,
because in time victory is a certainty,
with hard work and effort and perseverence and teamwork,
and victory because of great skill and positive mental attitude,
will come,
yes, it will come,
as sure as the fall of night,
as sure as the rising of the sun,
England will once more be victorious,
and after all that hard work and effort how glorious and how sweet the victory will be,
and as the crowd cheers,
and as you stand upon the football pitch at the end of the game,
tired and weary and exhausted,
but with smiles upon your faces,
how happy you will be,
how happy you will be,
because you will have fought like mighty lions,
mighty lions who never surrended,
and who fought so courageously until the end,
and how proud you will be,
how proud you will be to have conquered against great odds,
and to have finally won,
to have finally won in the end.

I hope you enjoyed this poem, there is more poetry and articles and writing to be found on writing and poetry. Thank you for reading, feedback is most welcome, thank you!

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