Oh, my heart,
it does not bend or break,
and it does not shake,
in the unpredictable Earthquakes of your love,
oh, my heart,
it does not suffer fools gladly,
and my heart it is not a heart to forsake,
and my heart,
it will not shatter into pieces,
and it will not cause harm or heartbreak,
no, it will not, for my heart,
my heart it is a good heart,
and I share it with such an art,
such an art that there can be no mistake,
yes, my heart is as good as they come,
and no one will have it undone,
and no bitter or angry words can make it break,
oh, my heart,
what a part, what a part you do play in my life,
and how grand love is when it is in my heart,
oh, my heart,
what a wonder you are,
for you have guided me true,
and I have never doubted you,
and you of me are the best part,
and how full life is when I am in love,
and love how it does light up my heart,
and how glad I am for love,
because how sad it is,
how sad it is to have an empty heart,
to have an empty heart.

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