Off the hook,
you stole my heart without a second look,
and you captured my heart,
and like an earthquake I was shook,
shook to the core,
after spotting you across the room,
as you smiled a beautiful smile,
that had me immediately wanting more,
oh, how I fell for you so quickly,
yes, it was destiny I am sure,
as you stood there looking so pretty and pure,
so, pretty and pure,
with your black hair,
and your hazel eyes,
and looking magnificent in your red evening dress,
a goddess,
an angel,
an angel no less,
sweeping me off of my feet in an instant,
and giving me butterflies inside,
as you gazed at me leaving me beguiled and mesmerised,
and my heart jumping for joy,
as I fell for everyone of your charms,
oh, boy,
oh, boy oh boy,
what a sight,
and what a night as you smiled at me and enticed me with those gorgeous gorgeous eyes.

Thank you for reading my poem, more poetry and writing by me is available on this website.

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