Swirling around,
a myriad of thoughts,
an abundance of witty remarks,
and retorts,
retorts to stir your addled brain,
yes, you come to me with your inanity,
and unfortunately here we go again,
here stood at the bar at half past ten,
with you rambling,
and me trying to amble away,
but avoiding you is not easy,
and I cannot pretend,
and I am easy prey,
although I have no wish to listen,
it seems to me your mission,
is to talk no sense to me at all,
and to waffle at me with a drunken stare
with alcohol spilling down your chin,
and I can barely make out a word you say,
but you are not rude,
just boring,
going on about the same subjects again,
and driving me crazy again,
and not letting me get a word in edgeways,
oh, how I rue the night,
and although I am polite,
your words are easily forgotten,
and by them I am not besotten,
and the time it drips slowly away,
like water leaking from a tap,
bit by bit,
and mind numbing every bit,
and alcohol has less appeal when looking at you,
and I feel like jumping for joy when you walk away,
but you are human after all,
and you have your frailties,
and you stumble off down the street,
and to everyone you meet you are no trouble at all,
and I should be thankful that you are not like many others who after a few too many beers,
like to fight and brawl.

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