In the morning you saw a mountain,
you saw a problem,
you saw more than one or two,
and you wanted understanding but there was no one there,
and you were marooned at the start, but you did not care,
yes, you wanted the peace and the quiet,
and did not want to go anywhere,
and you were marooned at the start, but you did not care,
and you had a few thoughts,
a few thoughts here and there and you were a little cold in the morning air,
so, you dragged yourself out of the house and went to a mountain top,
and there you sat upon a rock and there you found some solace,
and you were marooned at the start, but you did not care,
and as the sun rose it warmed you through and through,
and it dispelled the heaviness of thought in you,
and it lifted you far away from there and you were at one with the Earth,
and you felt all its worth,
and of all the beauty in nature how great its power to rejuvenate you?
and how great it is to ease the frustrations in you,
and how great it is for putting the you back in you and oh, what a view,
and thought by thought with elucidated ways,
a path through all the problems became clear to you,
and you were overcomplicating things,
over analysing,
getting frustrated,
getting tired and weary and your judgement was cloudy,
and your friends,
well most of them they did not understand you,
and you wanted to be you,
but the aches and the pains they got in the way every day
and you in your mind had gone over everything,
and you had gone over everything for weeks,
and you got nowhere fast so, you sat on a rock and enjoyed the view,
and you took your time to unwind and though you had no family,
and you remembered the people who had been so kind to you,
and you prayed and you looked at the sky,
and you stood at the edge of the mountain and your problems were still a mountain,
so, you fell off the edge of the mountain,
and for the rest of time you became part of the mountain too.

I hope you enjoyed this poem marooned, there is more poetry and articles and writing to be found on writing and poetry. Thank you for reading, feedback is most welcome, thank you!

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