Magnificence divine,
such beauty,
such tenderness that delicately lights the eyes,
and with a million dreams in them,
and a million feelings and emotions captured in time,
a vision of happiness only disturbed by a blink of the eyes,
and oh, how easily I can drown in them for I am lost in them,
and in the heavenly sight that sits before me so effervescently,
and that so effortlessly does make my spirits rise,
and in your beauty, I am at home, and upon your angels wings you lift me to the heavens,
and with such gentleness you touch my soul and make me whole,
for heaven is you, and how heavenly and how powerful your love is that stirs up my heart and my mind.
Magnificence divine.

I hope you enjoyed this poem, there is more poetry and articles and writing to be found on writing and poetry. Thank you for reading, feedback is most welcome, thank you!

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