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fire and flames,
bending this way and that,
and ever changing,
in the evening as the moonlight,
shines brightly through the trees,
oh, what glories in the warmth that are before me,
before me as I lay before it on my back,
reaching for the stars,
pretending to grab them out of the sky,
oh, those magnificent twinkling lights that shine so bright from so far away,
those lights spectacularly captured beautifully in time,
a vision different than the reality,
the reality of the past that hits my eyes,
light so gloriously reflecting ancient creations so wonderfully in the heavenly skies,
and what hands must have made those I wonder,
I do not know,
but to see them how wonderful it is,
those jewels of the universe so far away,
inspiring my wandering mind,
and that get me thinking,
thinking of time,
the time that it must have taken for creation,
to create so many beautiful delights,
and sights that thrill the heart and the mind,
as I sit by the fireside,
here on Earth,
yet with heaven filling my mind,
heaven filling my mind with magic,
from out of time it doth shine,
yes, it shines beautifully,
and it shines for me alone in this soliloquy out in the wilds,
and as I lay down before the heavens,
and I am transfixed and transcended,
and my heart it is captured by its majesty,
before the galaxies that sprawl so gloriously before me,
and that dance so wonderfully in my eyes,
and I am beguiled and I smile,
a smile a mile wide,
a smile that the overwhelmingly beauteous majesty of heaven places upon my face,
as if kisses from the lips of a loved one,
whose charms send my senses into overdrive.

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Hello, I am Ben Robinson, a poet, my first book of poetry Alas the day was written in Dorset, in the United Kingdom.

Luminescent,transcendent,effervescent,incandescent,magnificent,fire and flames,bending this way and that,and ever changing,in the evening as the moonlight,shines brightly through the trees,oh, what glories in the warmth that are before me,before me as I lay before it on my back,reaching for the stars,pretending to grab them out of the sky,oh, those magnificent twinkling lights that shine so bright from…

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