Love connections,
moon glow,
waiting on you,
waiting on you to arrive in the winter snows,
as the snow flakes fall,
and the wind to me it calls,
and how cold it is,
but soon I will be with you and in your arms,
in the arms of the one I love,
and my face with love will be all aglow,
for you were sent to me from the heavens above,
and that night we met,
I will never forget,
and that smile of yours,
it goes on forever,
and I hope it goes on forevermore,
and for that I dream,
and for your kisses to extend into infinity,
and for us to see,
for us to see every sun rise together and every night fall,
for you to me,
are so beautiful and wild and free,
and you pull me back to you,
and distract me so pleasantly,
so pleasantly from the things that I should be doing,
and you pull me back away from them,
as if with the force of the moon that drives the oceans and the seas and the waves to the shores,
to the shores of this beautiful planet,
that is our happy home,
and wherever we roam,
how you inspire me and beguile me and make me laugh,
and charm me with all your feminine wiles,
and oh, how you make me smile,
how you make me smile,
and your smile it goes on as long as if it was a country mile,
and oh, how beautiful and elegant you look,
and how much style you have,
how much style,
and I feel, I feel like I have known you for a million years,
and how glad I am to see you,
whenever we have been apart,
because when we are apart,
it is like the stars have been plucked from the night skies,
and there is only dark,
only dark,
and without you,
it is like someone has stolen my heart,
and put it away for a rainy day,
and you to me,
are as beautiful as can be,
as beautiful as all the flowers in the world to me,
and how proud, how proud I am to be,
the one that you love,
and how proud you are too,
and we,
we were meant to be,
we were meant to be,
you and me,
and how greatful and thankful I am for you,
and you for me,
and here we stand,
here we stand together underneath the cherry tree,
kissing each other upon the lips so delicately and tenderly,
and what a glorious sensation it is to me as we stand in a gentle breeze,
and the cherry blossom falls,
and we hold each other so closely and tenderly,
and we gaze in each others eyes so lovingly,
so lovingly.

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