mostly sensible lives lived,
a sensible life with no time for money,
yes, all the species,
apart from us,
they carry on mostly without a care,
without a care for capitalism,
and they survive and mostly thrive for no cost at all,
but we think differently,
and if we have money we rarely share,
and the huge numbers of people suffering,
it happens far too often everywhere,
oh, if we went back to nature,
and lived off of nature,
how many lives would be saved,
and how many people would be happier,
but we are fools far too often,
and over land and resources,
in the name of money,
war we wage,
and we do not advance society,
because we are too greedy,
and about other humans many people really do not care,
oh, if we went back to nature,
how much time we would save,
not wasting it on chasing money constantly,
and how much happier we would be,
without capitalism which has helped destroy the bonds between humanity,
oh, what a better world it would be without capitalism,
what a better world it would be,
with food for everyone and land,
oh, what a thought it is,
oh, what a beautiful world it is,
oh, what a better world it could be,
if we lived off of the land helped each other more and abandoned capitalism,
yes, what a better world it would be.

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