Leaves on the floor,
puddles and bits of the branches of trees,
and in the puddles reflections of me,
a happy me as I walk down the street,
headed for the store,
going to buy you flowers,
and the wine and the chocolates,
and the romantic things,
the dresses and the shoes,
that on valentines day will bring a smile to your face,
and me too when I see you happy,
but it is not truly necessary I know,
just customary,
but the kisses and the tenderness and the smiles,
they mean so much more to me,
and your love,
and the night in each others company is much more meaningful to me as it should be,
as we sit at the table with a romantic dinner that we cook together,
whilst drinking glasses of wine,
and we remember how we met,
and laugh about that first night that we went to kiss each other,
and a car drove past through a puddle,
and we ended up soaking wet,
not funny then,
but we laugh about it now,
and we cannot forget,
the first moment that we became a couple,
and we will remember it as we hold hands,
and gaze into each others eyes mesmerised,
the same as those early times in days gone by,
as we sit opposite each other with the roses on the table in the candlelight,
making a toast to our love with great big smiles,
and laughter while we dine,
so much more meaningful to me,
it is my darling valentine,
much more meaningful than all the materialism,
and time spent with you as always is always truly beautiful,
and as the wine flows,
I will be getting nervous I know,
and I hope that it doesn’t show,
I hope that it doesn’t show,
as I pull the ring out of my pocket,
and I propose to you,
and already I am anxious but hopeful that you will say yes,
and I hope that your face will light up with a great big smile,
and your eyes will be all excited,
and countless happy tears will flow,
much more meaningful than all the materialism,
two happy hearts in love on valentines day,
in a happy home.

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