Laying down,
upon my back,
looking at the blue sky,
as the sun it shines,
and the birds they fly,
as I breathe gently,
and the stresses of life,
how easily they leave me,
and as the sun it shines in my eyes,
how calm am I,
and this time,
it is a relaxing thing,
a magnificent thing,
a thing that I rarely find,
and the day,
it is the best day of my life,
and my eyes,
they start to close,
as my heart it beats contentedly,
and my mind,
my mind it flies,
it flies into the great beyond,
and what dreams may come,
I do not know,
but here I go,
here I go into sleepy time,
a wonderful time,
that refreshes the body and the mind,
and what a day it is,
what a glorious day to lay here and unwind,
from the stresses of life,
the stresses of life that cause me so much stress and strife.

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