Lay down and sleep

Lay down and sleep, Writing and poetry

Lay down and sleep,
and pray your soul to keep,
but do not weep,
do not weep about the state of humanity,
just pray for your own sanity,
because life,
what a stressful thing it is,
and often what a terrible thing it is,
and you cannot help society by losing your sanity,
and though society may drive you to the edge,
and attempt to throw you over it,
there is only so much you can worry about,
and if you worry too much,
about analysing the worlds problems,
your mind will never quit,
no, it will never quit,
and if you analyse the continual problems of the world,
you most likely will drive yourself into an early grave,
and life is precious,
and by worrying too much,
your life will be much shorter,
and that would be a terrible shame,
so, lay down and sleep,
and do not weep my love,
because the worlds problems will never end,
and it is better to not constantly think of them,
and though it sounds selfish,
think of yourself and your health,
because only then,
only then can you help to improve the world,
and what good is ill health,
and what good is worrying about the things that you cannot change,
now, go to sleep my love,
and dream and rest easily,
because the world will still be there in the morning,
and no doubt, the worlds problems will still remain.

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