I try not too hard

I try not too hard,
but I try nonetheless,
I try to fit in with you to get to know you,
and I,
I try to talk to you,
but you do not listen as well as you could do,
and we do not quite understand each other yet,
and there are awkward silences,
and I struggle,
but the alcohol flows nonetheless,
and it is a difficult meeting,
on a tuesday morning with a daughter that I have rarely seen and have rarely been in contact with,
and where she is coming from I can only guess,
but I make the effort,
and she smiles more than she used too,
and she tells me that she is moving closer to me to get to know me,
and I am happy,
and she seems fairly relaxed,
sat there with her hair dyed different colours,
a rebel like me,
a rebel like me from across the tracks,
a bit of a mystery,
funny and intelligent,
but slightly reserved,
and cautious maybe,
but it is my fault after leaving her mother at an early age,
but here we are today,
trying to get know one another as we drink beer and the jukebox plays Jimi Hendrix,
and we try to relax.

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Hello, I am Ben Robinson, a poet, my first book of poetry Alas the day was written in Dorset, in the United Kingdom.

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