It is five past midnight,
I see the sea,
I see you,
I see a piece of wood floating free,
I see a rock,
and the sea,
I see the moonlight upon them,
I see the waves,
I feel their power within me,
I hold your hand,
and you look at me and kiss me,
and your kisses they are as heavenly as the heavens above,
and the magic of you it lingers upon my lips,
and in my heart,
I am flying free,
I am flying free,
and your beauty it brings me such calm and tranquility,
and the daily cares and worries are not there,
and this moment,
how magical it is,
this moment that we share,
and everywhere is beautiful with you,
and now,
with the waves crashing at our feet,
how glorious it is,
here with you and me,
and what majesty there is,
what majesty there is to be found in simple pleasures,
simple pleasures,
your hand in mine,
your arms around me,
your kisses upon my lips,
as the moon it shines down upon us,
oh, how beautiful life, it is,
how beautiful life it is, with you and me,
and how transcendent the moment is,
that lifts you and me,
and time, it disappears,
and as I look into your eyes,
I know how much that you love me,
and I know that there are years ahead of you and me,
and in this certainty,
how great a feeling it is,
how great a feeling it is,
a feeling as powerful as the sea.
as powerful as the sea,
and how beautiful it is with you and me,
how beautiful it is here,
with your hand in mine beside the sea.

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