It is a thing,
a thing you know,
it gives me peace of mind,
it is a thing,
this ring I wear on a chain,
engraved with my Dads initials and my Mothers,
yes, it is engraved with a saying by my old Dad,
who sadly passed away on valentines day,
and before he passed he said,
don’t let love drive you mad,
and don’t let love make you blind,
and don’t let love fool you
and don’t let love empty your wallet,
because love should treat you kind,
and love should be equal,
and love should be compassionate and caring,
and full of sharing,
and little swearing,
and as little frustration as you can bear,
and what good is love,
what good is love if love is onesided,
and there is always the threat of arguments and war in the air?

This poetry was written in Dorset, and is part of my Dorset poetry collection of work.

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