At the beach,
In the sand,
and a broken watch,
a piece of clothing,
and in the sea, someone swimming happily,
and how beautiful the sunset,
and how beautiful it is to watch,
the swimmer swimming through the waves
with great ease,
and of me,
there is no frantic activity for me,
because I am lazy and lazing on a summers day,
and eating an icecream,
and the heat from the sun,
I block out with my hat,
and the seagulls they fly high in the sky,
and how gently the waves ebb at my feet,
and the swimmer she swims,
and she could beat me easily in a race,
but I am not going to attempt that,
because here is so calm and tranquil,
and my heart and my mind are at rest,
and I will admire her efforts,
whilst gazing out to sea,
and wondering where the boats and the ships are headed,
as I contemplate happily where I will travel next,
yes, at the beach,
I love to rest as the waves they ebb at my feet,
and how cooling it is,
and how genteel it is,
and how beautiful the sea is to look at,
and as the swimmer she carries on,
I am happier to sit here and relax,
and watch as she does all the hard work,
and I eat my icecream,
whilst dreaming of far away places that I could be,
oh, what a thought,
what a thought upon a summers day,
a relaxing summers day,
and the inspiration of travel that to me by relaxation is brought,
oh, those thoughts of distant places to see and people to meet,
oh, what a treat,
what a treat,
as well as this day, which makes me complete,
which makes me happy and complete,
and that cannot he beat.

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