In the mirror,
reflections of you,
a gentle fragility,
a gentle you,
facing yourself,
looking at yourself,
sometimes over analysing yourself,
sometimes being too hard on yourself and critical,
sometimes being complimentary too,
and always being truly aware of yourself,
doing your makeup in the mirror,
being positive,
being negative,
looking wonderful,
looking awful,
feeling awful,
feeling beautiful,
looking beautiful,
and all the truths of you,
and everyday I see you,
and no matter what the version of you is day by day,
I love all of you,
I love all of you,
and oh, how you smile at me,
when I catch you in the mirror,
looking at yourself,
thinking to yourself,
about you,
beautiful you,
no matter what you feel about you,
I love you.

Thank you for reading my poem in the mirror, I hope you enjoyed it. More poetry and articles by me, Ben Robinson can be found on this website.

This poetry was written in Dorset, and is part of my Dorset poetry collection of work.

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