I feel fine

I feel fine,
I take my time,
I place the roses on the table,
and I smell the scent of them,
and I think of you,
and I,
I cannot wait for you to get here,
and to hold me in your arms,
and to kiss me on the lips,
for time is my master,
and it goes too slow,
but I know,
you will be here soon,
at 8.15pm,
and I will wait whilst thinking of you,
and I will listen to our favourite songs,
and put the kettle on,
and put the roses in a vase,
and for a while,
I will look at you in the photograph,
and oh, how beautiful you look,
and that smile,
I know it well,
and how it makes the heart swell,
to have you, once more beside me in the sunlight,
and how elegant and magnificent your smile will be,
and how glorious I will feel in my heart,
for in me, you play such a beautiful melody,
and your love,
it moves mountains,
and time,
time, with you is a glorious time,
and what a wonderful heart you have and what a wonderful mind,
and there is nothing better than holding you close,
as we dance cheek to cheek in the summertime,
and the roses are for you my valentine.
only just over an hour,
until I can hold you and kiss you my sweet darling valentine again.

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Hello, I am Ben Robinson, a poet, my first book of poetry Alas the day was written in Dorset, in the United Kingdom.

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