At a party,
I wandered in,
I wandered out,
and there was no one I knew,
and I saw you late,
and you startled me and made me jump and shout,
where did you come from I said,
glad to see you,
but taken aback,
whilst nearly dropping my glass,
and you laughed and smiled at me,
and said, I’ve been all over the place looking for your face,
because this party is too boring for me,
and now, how about we get as drunk as can be,
and climb a tree,
and see what we can see,
and run about erratically,
and laugh and shout,
and take time out,
and cause havoc where necessary,
and make love upstairs,
whilst the others yawn and stare at each other awkwardly?
Because we have seen all that we had come to see,
and the people they bore us don’t they,
and they have nothing interesting to say,
so, why don’t we,
why don’t we go outside and run and hide,
and jump out from the bushes at people unexpectedly,
and climb a tree,
and see what we can see,
and then, go back indoors,
and head upstairs,
and make love in a bedroom,
because the host is the worst host that has ever been,
and what fun we can have without their and the others company.

Thank you for reading my poem in the mirror, I hope you enjoyed it. More poetry and articles by me, Ben Robinson can be found on this website

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