I say goodbye,
I say goodbye whenever,
and whenever I feel a tear in my eye,
in the moments before we are likely to argue and fight,
I say goodbye,
and I head out across the street and home in the blink of an eye,
yes, I say goodbye,
I say goodbye,
and you,
you cry, and cry and cry,
and well, I try not to,
and I sigh,
and I hold back the tears,
and I wipe any solitary ones from my eyes,
but why,
why do we argue so,
and why are we at times so incompatible,
now, I do not know,
but how, I love you so,
how I love you so,
although at times it seems I don’t,
but sometimes you are the gasoline, and sometimes the lighter,
and sometimes me,
and we explode,
we explode at each other far too often because of jealousy,
and it is not right,
and it should not be,
it should not be,
but it is,
and it is a sorry state of affairs for two people who for each other do so care,
and our volatility it does bring me despair,
and I wonder in my darkest moments,
will we ever get anywhere,
will we ever get to a place where we do not fly off the handle because of jealousy in the air?
I do not know but I hope so,
and I hope and I pray,
and I pray for the day,
that jealousy is no more,
no more in our hearts,
and there is harmony,
harmony and true understanding between us,
true understanding between us forevermore.

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