I’ve got a hurricane,
a hurricane inside,
yes, I’ve got a devil in my mind,
and I’ve got the time,
and I’ve got the reason,
and I’ve got the rhyme,
and I,
I am ready for war,
because you told me that you loved me,
and then you quickly left my heart upon the floor,
and then just as quickly you walked out the door,
and you shattered my heart into a million pieces,
and how they cut at me inside,
and I am ready to give you what for,
and I have the metaphorical bullets to put inside the metaphorical gun,
but you will probably only run,
because you are a coward for sure,
a coward for loving me and leaving me,
and leaving my heart in pieces upon the floor,
and inside me now, I am like a hurricane,
fierce and bitter,
and ready to destroy you and the words that you speak,
and you will,
you will remember mine forevermore,
yes, as I do remember your cruel words,
which should never have been heard,
words that have left me bitter and in such pain,
and bereft and lost,
and suffering,
yes, oh, the bitterness,
oh, the bitterness, here it comes again, here it comes with every thought,
and here you come,
here you come towards me with your dark heart,
and with me ready to unleash the bitter vitriol already fully formed in my brain,
and you do not know my pain,
you do not know my pain,
and how could you,
you with such a cold heart that I do not understand,
yes, you with the selfish mind,
and those words,
those painful words that explode inside me and that destroy my mind,
yes, those evil words,
those malicious words that were never true,
but more fool you,
more fool you,
for being so cruel and unkind.

Thank you for reading my poem in the mirror, I hope you enjoyed it. More poetry and articles by me, Ben Robinson can be found on this website

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