The inability to understand and the inability to listen, the lack of compassion, the brain washing and the conditioning of humanity into conformity, the disrespect of the land, the rape and the pillage and the slaughter of civilisations who were thought of as inferior, and who were slaughtered far too often in the name of Gods, but civilisations who were really intellectually superior as they celebrated and respected nature, and who lived off the land for free without taking too much.

Also the over valuing of things and materialism, for example where once you could build a house for free, people now spend most of their life paying off a mortgage, and also because of greed, and lack of education many people now live in poverty.

The greatest mistake in human history is war, caused by the inability to listen and the inability to understand, and because of greed, and because of hatred and intolerance, and because of all those and ignorance, and because of a lack of education and poor education, humanity suffered, and continues to suffer, slowing down the advancement and the improvement of worldwide society.

This poetry was written in Dorset, and is part of my Dorset poetry collection of work.

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