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“Homelessness, famine and drought, poverty, homelessness, famine and drought, poverty, homelessness, famine and drought, poverty, those three words, that have haunted the world for far too long.

Are you not sick of hearing continual stories of suffering around the world?

Are you not tired of politicians saying that they will fix the problems and they then do not fix the problems?

Are you sick of wondering why the problems have not been solved?

Are you sick of money being spent by the governments of the world to ease the problems, and money being spent, only for temporary fixes to be applied, and are you sick of money continually being wasted and the problems still not being solved?

Are you sick of continually hearing stories of people dying worldwide from famine and drought, and sick of hearing of people suffering poverty in huge numbers, and are you tired of continual stories of homeless people dying on our streets?

Well so, is the world. So, is the world.

And why do the problems not get solved? Because the politicians of the world have been analysing the problems incorrectly. The politicians of the world generally have good hearts and good minds, but despite all the talking, the politicians think that to solve these problems, homelessness and famine and drought and poverty, would be too expensive, when this is not actually the case. Yes, it is true, the solutions would not be that expensive. Now, let me tell you about the simple logical solutions that would not cost the Earth.


Poverty, there are huge numbers of companies out there in this world that are making huge profits, a scheme could be set up worldwide, or setup in each individual country by governments to allow government sponsored subsidies and reductions, and companies to donate food and clothing and healthcare essentials by the way of the Governments of the world setting up schemes and giving out swipecards, that when at the end of the sale at checkout, allows you to select the items that you require for free, this would not bring any stigma, for example, some people find it stigmatising or are too ashamed to attend food banks.

Famine and drought

Famine and drought, to eradicate famine and drought, we need faster aircraft, aircraft are currently being built that will be able to fly around the world in four hours or less. Large drones could be used to deliver food. The world can desalinate sea water more effectively and more cheaply through continued research. People are currently trialling growing crops at sea by using desalinated water. The transport system could be improved.


Every government has land that they own, land that they could allow the homeless to live on, initially in caravans or in static homes.

The governments of the world have access to many freely available naturual resources in the world with which to build housing, extremely cheaply. The building of cheap houses is already happening worldwide and many people are not paying market prices to own a home. Houses and log cabins have already been built for under £20,000 and under $20,000. There are numerous examples online.

So, if land can be allocated by the Governments of the world, the homeless could be given access to the raw naturual resources and allowed to use them to build their own houses, and also be given access to educational courses on how to build a house, and given free guidance on planning, and if some of the homeless are not interested in learning how to build houses for themselves, house building to eradicate the homeless problem can be sped up by using robots to cut stone in quarries, to build stone walls and to lay bricks, and roofing could be paid for by the government and or together with donations from building companies, and also plumbing, sewage and electrics, and with good community spirit and the help of building companies giving resources and helping lend a hand, together with the help of the government, this could truly help eradicate homelessness by greatly bringing down the cost of building.

Simply put, there is no excuse not to solve these problems.

And those are the simple, logical explantions on how the Governments of the world and the communities of the worlds can help eradicate the problems that have plagued global society for far too long.

Thank you for listening!

And if you liked this video, please feel free to tell the politicians of your country and the world about these simple solutions to homelessness, famine and drought and poverty, and please feel free to share this video with your friends, because, together, as the global community, we can solve these problems.

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