Hold me a while,
hold me a while,
for I am numb and weary and lost, and I have lost a child,
hold me a while,
hold me a while for sorrow upon my face does show and sorrow knows the depths of such
bitterness as cold and as icy as the winter snows,
and what tomorrow brings,
I do not know,
I do not know for I am here through no choice of my own,
and though sorrow is not my style,
I have no choice but to wear it for I am only human broken upon the rocks of misfortune,
and the grim reaper he does not care,
and the grim reaper he wears such an evil smile,
so, hold me a while,
hold me a while for in the depths of hell I may be some time because inside there is so much
suffering, hurt and pain,
and I am lost,
so lost that I run through the loss in my brain,
again, again and again,
and I do not know where to go and my tears will not put out the flames,
but will you listen and will you hold me a while,
for it may be some time,
sometime before I can begin to explain the pain that I feel,
for it is so so real and I will never be the same,
so, hold me a while,
hold me a while in your arms and listen to me so gently and compassionately,
for sorrow has frozen my heart and sorrow has torn me apart,
and my child I will never see ever again.
So, will you hold me a while,
hold me a while and will you carry me,
and will you share my burden with me,
for time it seems to have stopped and I am heartbroken like I have never been,
and reflected in my tears is my child who has shuffled off forever more from this mortal coil,
my child,
my child who I will never see again,
my child who will never give me pleasure from their smile ever again.

Thanks to https://unsplash.com/@everythingcaptured for the use of the picture.

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