wherever I am with you,
yes, in heaven it is true,
because you,
you complete me you do,
and when you hold me in your arms how much better could it be,
no better at all,
because the unfettered joy that you bring to me, it is as if magic conjured up in a magicians dream,
a magical mystery that envelopes me and that fills me so beautifully,
and what a wonder you are to me,
what a wonder,
and what a miracle,
a miracle as great as the parting of the sea,
a force so powerful,
a force that captures my heart so wonderfully,
and as I gaze into your eyes,
oh, how you mesmerise me,
and oh, how you beguile me,
and how beautiful your voice it is to me,
because it is so soft and gentle and beautiful,
and eloquent,
and your words they are like diamonds,
like diamonds sparkling in the sun,
shining so beautifully,
words that linger long in my memory,
never to be erased,
and when I recall them,
it is like a symphony,
a symphony that stirs my heart when we are apart,
a symphony that brings tears of joy to my eyes,
a symphony that makes me smile and that fills me with warmth,
as if of the heat of the glorious sun that does rise.
Oh, how wonderful it is my darling,
to be by your side,
oh, how wonderful it is
to be in your arms and to be filled by your charms,
and your love,
it is a glorious blessing,
and with you always I am in heaven,
and there is always within me,
heaven inside.

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Hello, I am Ben Robinson, a poet, my first book of poetry Alas the day was written in Dorset, in the United Kingdom.

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