He waited at the lights,
he looked right,
he looked left,
he carried drugs inside his pockets,
then from out of nowhere he got a bullet in the head,
and he fell to the floor and he bled,
and he bled, and he bled,
and from starting smoking marijuana he quickly began to deal drugs,
and it was a rapid descent for some people are so easily lead,
and as he lay dying his life flashed before his eyes,
and he had thoughts of his mother and his father and his family,
and then his life was over in the blink of an eye.
What a big man selling drugs that damage people right and left,
but at his funeral,
respect bruv,
made a bit of money got a bullet in the head.

Thanks to Brad Neathery from Unsplash for the use of the picture.

I hope you enjoyed this poem, there is more poetry and articles and writing to be found on writing and poetry. Thank you for reading, feedback is most welcome, thank you!

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