Have respect,
and do not in your heart,
bitterness and hate elect as the only way to be,
yes, do not dwell in such short sighted misery,
and do not if you can help it,
live a life of anger,
because of the frustration that you feel,
because it is only detrimental to your health,
and in it, there is no great wealth,
and your world will only be a living hell,
a living hell,
that if in which you choose to dwell,
will because of the stress,
send you to an early grave,
no less,
so, what is the point of electing hate and anger,
as a way of living,
a way of living that causes such negativity in society,
and that reflects continually and so damagingly inside you in the hall of mirrors,
and as the mirror of your negative soul.

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